About us

HK Champion Trainers is founded by Hector and Karlene the only certified CHEK level 2 Holistic lifestyle coaches in Darwin, together with their team of trainers provide a program for clients aimed at improving their health and well-being through smart exercise and holistic nutrition.

“Dynamic Training, Personalized routines, Individual approach.” These words describe how H and K approach every client we work with.

Not just your average trainers, H and K are also competitors. We live and breath fitness training, and taking that competitors edge we empower our clients to make the change they have been wanting.

Hector and Karlene the trainersH and K Champion Trainers started June 2011, when Hector and I (Karlene) decided to join forces to become the ultimate dominating world class personal training team.

Hector and I met November 2009 at the INBF World Body Building Championships in New York City, both competing in our chosen divisions representing the WNBF Australian Team. Hector, Middleweight division and I, Best Body division.  From this meeting we went back to our respective homes and back to our careers both as full time Personal Trainers; Hector went back to Darwin and I back to the sunny Gold Coast.

It wasn’t until April 2010 where we met up again on Hectors short business trip to the Gold Coast, from here we trained together hung out with our Australian Team Mates and found we had an instant chemistry. We started flying back and fourth to see each other on weekends every month and created a strong bond and realised we would make a perfect team, so fourteen months and many airfares later I decided to make the move to join Hector in Darwin and become the ultimate team.

Many of my dedicated Gold Coast Clients are still training with me through our online training program and continuing to get great results.

We have based ourselves out of Timeout Fitness Centre in the city centre of Darwin, with Hectors clients now getting the best of both of us each week and many more new comers every week keen to be the best they can be and to be apart of the Champion Trainer Team.

T-12 Rules and Regulations


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