Tanya Mace Testimonial

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My name is Tanya Mace.  I am 41 years of age. I am a Northern Territory Police Officer.

I have been exercising regularly since the death of my youngest son in 1996. I loved running especially and lifting the heaviest weights I could. When I started I weighed a whopping 75kg which is not so great when you only stand 5’2”.

Busy with work and family I learnt to love the classes Les Mills provided, especially PUMP, Step and RPM.  I did this for many years.  At first my development, weight loss and confidence was phenomenal although my body eventually adjusted and I began to plateau.  I had lost 20kg and was ecstatic.

I had always dreamed of commencing body building training.  I was too short to jump, too slow to run and too muscular to do ballet!!!! I wanted to be a body building champion.

Following vascular surgery in 2012 I relocated to Darwin which is where I sought someone who could help me attain the goal I so desperately sought and that is when I was introduced to Karlene and Hector – Champion Trainers.

I explained where I was in my training and what I dreamed to achieve.  Well…..I have never looked back.  Karlene and Hector believed in me and have taken me from stagnant average to amazing.  Although I’m not ready to come out in my teeny tiny bikini, I know that when the time is right and Karlene and Hector tell me I’m ready, I’m going to knock them dead.

I have learnt a different way to train and maintain a daily food diary.  As a result, I have grown both physically and personally.  I’m preparing to take on, not only the NT Women in physique and body building but Australia in the National INBA Championships in Melbourne on October 6th.

I’m dedicated to my training and my trainers.  I could not achieve what I have achieved so far without support, guidance, education and yes, the odd arse kicking!!!!  My legs hurt, my back hurts but so what.  I love it!!!!

Hmmm now to practice being a girl with pretty hands and the ability to walk in heels.  H….E…..L…..P !!!!


“Pain is weakness leaving the body”


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