Sharyn Uzkuraitis Testimonial

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March 2012 I was lucky enough to find an amazing sports doctor in Perth who after completing multipule test, made me release I needed to make some serious changes or by the age of forty I would most likely be in a wheel chair. My bone density was shockingly low, my iron was incredibly low and I was a skinny fat person. So after all my life of training hard (cardio) it was all actually not doing me any good, I’ve been burning my muscle I’d tried building, all the alcohol I’d been drinking was eating away at all my hard work and the starving myself was actually destroying my metabolism.

So the doctor put me onto his personal trainer who wrote up a weight program. Once I got back home to Darwin I trained weights, and the only cardio I did was spin (love a good spin class) I changed my diet slightly and tried to slow down on drinking.

September 2012 I decided I needed to mix up my programme, i was recommended Karlene from H n K Champion trainers. Wow sitting down with Karlene our first meeting I was pumped she had a whole lifestyle change which I was ready for. After a few weeks of training I got to know Karlene and found her so inspiring, I watched the INBA championships in Darwin and was once again inspired but these amazing women, so I approached Karlene about entering into a natural physic body competition, and so my journey began.

The main thing that has impressed me, is Karlene did not just write up a diet for me. She took the time to understand what foods I liked and didn’t , and designed a delicious  food plan that I would stick to. I have found a new passion in the weights room which is thanks to Karlene and Hector they have made training fun and enjoyable they are so encouraging which helps me stay motivated. I have also learnt that what you eat plays a major factor in fat loss, they say 80% is based on your diet and I now understand how true this statement is.

I have competed in my first ever show here in Darwin earlier this year and have made some great friends through H N K Champion trainers they have all welcomed me which has given me a new found confidence within myself which I had never had. Even though we are in a one man sport our team spirit is awesome the encouragement everyone gives to each other is just wonderful.

Apart from my life changing drastically for the better it has affected my family in a way I thought could never happen. My children, husband and I  now understand what healthy food is and we practise clean eating in our household. It’s a lot of perpetration but due to prep there is no way any of us can lead off clean eating. We do enjoy treats every now and then but only that.

My family and  friends are so very proud of me which also helps me stay motivated,  I get asked all the time by strangers asking what i eat and how i train, it’s nice to give correct advice now that I understand.

In the near future my goals are to compete in the INBA national titles held in Melbourne and the WNBF held in Adelaide both in October this year. Next year I aim to inspire and teach others under the guidance of the highly experienced  Karlene and Hector as my mentors. I will continue to compete after allowing a good 12 months to build a stronger body, and without giving too much away I’d like to work with children and adolescents down the track.

– Sharyn Uzkuraitis


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