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In January 2010 I joined a Goodlife Health Gym on the Gold Coast and was issued with 3 free personal training sessions. I met Karlene and enjoyed her company so much I became a client immediately after my sessions were up. Within the year I lost 12kg and have now kept it off for 6 months.

During my sessions, my body and my mind were being trained. Not only did I see the physical changes (losing weight and the gaining of muscle) but also saw a change in my diet and attitude towards being active. Karlene is excellent at being a “food mentor” and encouraging you to honour your body with good food rather than processed foods. At times I failed to reach my personal food journey but instead of being met with judgement, Karlene got alongside me and helped encourage me for the following week with food diary check-ups and asking how my cardio classes were going.

In terms of her training method I found this enjoyable but hard at times. Instead of training just arms or just legs, in a session we would be using the whole body to achieve our overall goals. I found it hard at times not because of her training methods or because I didn’t enjoy them, but Karlene pushes you to achieve your goals and this comes with hard work. I achieved amazing results due to her methods and not taking too many rest periods.

Karlene enjoys her job and this is evident in how she trains her clients. She not only cares about her job she cares about you also. I felt an instant friendship connection when I met Karlene back in 2010 and still do as she is easy to get along with, is very personable and professional. I never once had a session cancelled due to other commitments by her and she was never late for a session. She always greeted me with a smile and chat about our weeks. It never felt like work but just a casual catch-up with a mate and I looked forward to my sessions.

All in all I enjoyed my sessions with Karlene and was very sad to see her leave the Gold Coast but I have become a better person due to my sessions physically, emotionally and personally. I am forever grateful for the hard work Karlene puts into her job as it has brought me to the place I am today, 12kg lighter from a size 14 to a size 10 and has given me health advice I will remember always. Thank you!

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