Colm McGuinness Testimonial

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Colm has always loved his training.  He has trained for the most part of his life.  But now at 34 he unfortunately came to the point where he was continuously going full steam ahead into a brick wall.

He needed help and who better to help him than the biggest beef cake in the gym!!  He wanted to grow and with the experience and knowledge that come with Hector and Karlene, Colm knew he was in good hands.

Throughout his journey with HnK he has found himself in a tight-nit family who are always ready to help in and out of the gym .  He has without a doubt made many life long friendships.

Like everyone in the HnK team, Colms goal is to be nuber one! He will continue to push and strive to be better and better. We all do! That is why we are all champions!

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