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Despite my active lifestyle and attitude to work out and play sport until sweat was dripping off my eye brows, I have always carried extra weight. Eventually the hectic social life of a uni student and socialite caught up with my body to the point where I was unhappy with my appearance. So then I would begin my ‘health kick’, to me this was hours of cardio, and depleting my body of valuable nutrients until I was fitting back into ‘that’ pair of pants. Like many, I would slowly give into weaknesses and go back to my old habits, a bit of chocolate here, a few social drinks and before I knew it, I was back where I started.

I was approached by Hector at the beginning of 2012 when I got back into my ‘health kick’ recovering from knee surgery. I did a session with HK in their transformation program, but decided that I would do it my own way, the way I always did and only to achieve the same results. Eventually I approached Hector in August 2012, even then the first few times I still was not convinced. However, I persevered and dared myself to listen to new ideas.

I was now keeping a food diary, making me accountable for what I put into my body, at this stage there was still alcohol and the occasional indulgence at work morning teas. The training sessions went from one to two sessions a week, and each week I was learning about nutrition and how to keep a stable healthy lifestyle. I was intrigued and inspired by the knowledge and expertise that Karlene had on nutrition. Then there was the question…or more the statement from Hector. I’ll have you ready to compete next year, with big strong legs like that. It’s no secret, Hector needs to work on giving females compliments, because I’m sorry Hector, NEVER tell a girl her legs are big.

Well as it turned out I started to grow fond of the HK team and found myself spending more time with them. Hector and Karlene have shown commitment, dedication, and support from the beginning. They have provided individualised training programs and recently meal plans that have worked for me. I have been educated and inspired to question what I put into my body and how this will affect me. Eventually I decided that this was the journey I wanted to take. I wanted to see how much I could not only challenge my body physically but also mentally.

My training increased to four days a week and now I’m on my way to competing in my very first figure competition, something I never even imagined I would do. Friends and family questioned my motives at first, but as they began to see the changes, not only to my body, but my energy and happiness they were intrigued, and the questions followed. How did you do it? My answer, I certainly wasn’t sitting at the pub drinking ciders. I remained focused, I surrounded myself with positive people and I listened to my teachers’. I look forward to each session at the gym and am now more determined than ever to achieve far beyond what others and myself, ever thought possible. I am forever grateful for the encouragement, enthusiasm and motivation I have received from HK Champion Trainers throughout this incredible journey. You were right Hector. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

You must train with the best to be your best!


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